About Us

Our company is located in Bursa for close to a quarter century and we have become one of the best-known and most respected compressor companies. As Teknokom produces compressors in its factory, the company also provides excellent repair and maintenance service for all kind of equipments releted to compressed air. Depending on the development in the domestic market of the company, Teknokom increased its efficiency and effect on the global market via its retailers in Turkey and exportation activities. Teknokom also grown its goals on the global market. Announcing the following 5 years as a leaping period, Teknokom is getting better in being more respected and qualified manufacturer and service supplier engineering firm.        

Our vision:

On compressor sale and service, we are the solution to all the firms receiving support through partnership and technical assistance, while keeping the highest level of customer satisfaction, environmental sensitivities, producing the best solutions as having ethical concerns, as described.

Our mission:

Providing total satisfaction by putting our work in the best way, always making ourselves as well as all of the companies working with us, to move forward.